Friday, January 27, 2012

Hitomi wo Tojite

This is from the faaabulous Ken Hirai! Ken is one of my favorite Japanese singers and....he's gay!


(P.S. I couldn't find an actual video of him singing this, but, you can still see from the photos in this video that he is cute!)


  1. yaeh is is, hmmm maybe my next partner should be him!

  2. Phwarrrrr! F*** me sideways with a chainsaw! What a hottie! I've always had a soft spot for the Japanese but in this case I think 'soft' may not be the correct word. Please post more pics of this Japanese jewel when you have some.
    Better not say any more as the age-gap between him and me might mark me down as being a cradle-snatcher.
    Now please excuse me. Think I'd better go and suck on some ice-cubes.

    1. I'm something of a "Rice Queen" myself! (Even though I married an Italian! Go figure!) ;)

  3. Very nice! Thanks for sharing, off to iTunes, always nice to support the gays...