Monday, January 2, 2012

Burgundy and Hunter Green Have ALWAYS Been in Style!

What better way to start the new year off right other than to show you our faaaabulous spare bedroom!

It is cozy, cute and decorated in a lovely burgundy and hunter green motif. In other words, it is always in fashion!

Here we have a vintage 1950's armchair that currently is hosting my Steiff tiger collection:

Next you'll see some design elements (in a lovely burgundy and hunter green colour scheme) on the wall opposite the bed:

Here you will see a side view to my Hanuman shrine with an antique Tibetan Buddhist thangka of Mahakala (aka Hanuman in Tibetan Buddhism) on the adjoining wall. (Sorry, I couldn't get a decent photo facing the shrine, as the glass in the framed picture kept reflecting the camera's flash. No doubt Mark, you could give me a tip on how to avoid that!)

And finally we have the bed itself. Note the tasteful bedspread in various hues of burgundy and hunter green (Note: The spread is not faded. Once again the flash from the camera has overexposed it a bit...)

And there you have it! Proof positive that Burgundy and Hunter Green are still in style! Wouldn't you agree Mark? ;)


  1. Um, ah, sure! Why not!
    A couple of things, of course. Whose purse is that hanging on the door? I'm worried.
    Just turn off the flash if you don't want glare. But if you do, you'll have to get more lighting than that bedside lamp. Maybe something in a burgundy and hunter green perhaps?
    You don't really hate me because I dislike burgundy and hunter green, do you? I'll totally fake it just to have you back.
    Fun post, Friend!

  2. Love the red, er, burgundy, walls.
    And really love the Buddhist artifacts.

  3. Mark: That's F's messenger bag actually, and of course I don't hate you. I love you more than my luggage! MWAH! ;)

    Bob: Thanks! Actually the walls aren't as red as the photos make them look, the flash from the camera overexposed them too.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the Casa earlier today!!! And I love the room and the color! I appauled you for the color. My background is in interior design, and it is always so hard to get clients to chose bold or bright colors. Anything in the red family is great, but people fear it! And would you believe I have the same Serengeti graphic here in my livingroom!!!! Ah great minds they say.............