Thursday, January 5, 2012

Congratulations Kylie!!!

Kylie Minogue has been inducted into the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Hall of Fame! And Madonna and Lady Gaga couldn't be happier!

And here's my personal favorite!


  1. Yes, MA-MA-MARVELLOUS news for our Darling-ess, though she deserves no less - and a great deal more!

  2. That Kylie, she never ages. What's with that? Honestly, we used to be the same age and now...
    Hey listen, for some reason, your site fell from my Google Reader. Horror of horrors! But don't worry, you can't get rid of me.

  3. Raybeard: She is faboo!

    Mark: Truth be told, I was a little concerned when you hadn't commented in the last 36 hours! I thought that you might be a little miffed at me! Glad to hear that you're not going anywhere! :)

  4. No way!
    Guess what, you site vanished again. And when I noticed that, then I got concerned that you some how blocked me. See, we're both a total mess.
    I will put it back again. But listen, I depend on that Reader for notifications. If I'm not here tomorrow, it's not my fault! m.