Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update on Me

Hello All

I had scheduled the last few day's postings ahead of time as I thought that I would have a busy weekend.

Little did I know...

The massive storm that hit Massachusetts Saturday evening hit us hard.

Trees and branches took down power lines all over the area and only now three days later are some places getting power. Our street looks like a war zone and we had a nightmarish evening listening to branches from our huge oak trees snapped and crash all around us, some grazing the house with their branches.

I can only attribute Divine Intervention to the fact that our home escaped unharmed except for one large branch that is resting against the house. As far as we can see it caused no damage. We just need to get a saw to cut the larger part of the branch so we can move the branches away from the house.

The last few days we have been going to a nearby shelter to warm up, to gratefully accept some hot food and to charge our cell phones during the day, and then returning home at night to bundle up for bed and be with our dog. (The shelter doesn't accept pets, otherwise we would have moved there lock, stock and doggie dish!). The house has been staying at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit so we put a sweater on Teddyji and he seems to be fine. Plus we have a southern exposure so we have been getting some passive solar heating into the house which has made the house bearable during the daylight hours.

I'm currently writing this from work today as we have emergency generator power due to the nature of our business. Some gas stations in Springfield have power now so I was able to gas up the car to make it in to work. F took his mother to the shelter again today and we learned that his brother in Agawam now has power so we may pack up and camp out over there for the duration.

The authorities are saying right now that we should have power by the weekend.

I'll post any updates on our situation as they come.

So for now take care and say a prayer for all of us over here.

P.S. In the last five months we have had a tornado, an earthquake a hurricane and now a massive snowstorm. What's next?


  1. I was just wondering about you over lunch time realizing that I didn't see anything from you this morning. No Madonna, no Liza, no Pet Shop Boys. I was so lost.
    Seriously, it does sound like you are going through a rough time and I do hope that everything moves along quickly for you.
    Take care, Friend. Mark

  2. Yikes!
    It is hard to imagine this sitting in sunny AZ where it remains 80s.
    I hope all is well -and warmer - by now !

  3. Oh Lordy! It's 'Apocalypse NOW'! Let's hope your 'next' isn't going to be a plague of frogs! I do hope your rainbow doesn't take long to arrive.