Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update 11/03/2011

Hello All

As of today, they are still saying that most of Springfield will not have power restored until sometime this Saturday.

I am sure that I will be in with that lot, if not later, just because of the huge number of downed trees and branches on my street alone. (I took pictures and will get them posted once we have power again.)

Add to that the fact that the power line that connects my house to the utility pole was knocked down by a falling branch. It looks to be intact so it should just be a simple matter of reconnecting it. And I did call the electric company yesterday to have them note that for when they come down our street.

Fortunately, F's brother "M", who lives about a mile and a half from us got his power back last night, so we are staying with them (Teddy-ji too!). It wasn't the most ideal situation, but, it was a relief to have warmth and light.

Unless things change tomorrow or over the weekend, you may not hear from me again until next week when I'm back at work. Take care and keep those prayers a'coming!



  1. It's hard to believe that you are going this long without power. The most we ever done was two days. I really do feel bad for you. We've become so addicted to our simple luxuries.
    Take care my Friend.

  2. It amazes me that this story isn't getting much press. I didn't know about the power outages until a couple of days ago.
    You take care, try and stay warm.

  3. Oh dear. If only I could suggest something to do in the dark to keep you warm and entertained!
    But seriously, Tiger, I know it ain't no fun. Catch this good wish a-coming your way....

  4. Ugh. I remember 14 years ago when we had a freak snowstorm on October 22. The leaves were still on the trees, so a lot of power was knocked out all over the city. I was living alone in a fancy townhome then. The power was out for eight days. At the end of that time, I looked and felt like a blithering, babbling idiot. I actually cried when the power was finally restored and I didn't have to sit huddled in a blanket constantly.

    I would have sucked as a pioneer.