Monday, August 29, 2011

Let The Sun Shine In!!!!!

Oh my Stars and Garters!!!

I was strolling through YouTube and came across this gem by Army of Lovers!

I had completely forgotten about this group!! A old friend who was into Hi-NRG had introduced them to me years ago, and it was love at first listen!!

But back in those days it was hard to find their stuff. Oh, thank you, Internet!! You all will be seeing a lot of them here from now on!

The first 40 seconds of this video is "behind the scenes" stuff on the making of the video. Bare with it, it will be worth it!



  1. That was good. Couldn't stop my booty wiggling on the chair. Only vaguely heard of the group, but looking them up in my pop ref volumes I see they were Swedish, and in the UK they had 3 (very) minor hits in 91/2 - the only one I can recall, and their 'biggest' here, being 'Crucified' which reached #31. But Hi-NRG was MY era too, shaking this and THAT on the disco floor. Ah, sweet memories!

  2. Raybeard: Funny that you should mention "Crucified"! It's on tap for the end of the week! As River Song loves to say; "Spoilers!"! ;)

  3. I'm sure I've danced to this before but I can't remember. I am wanting to hear Crucified but I can wait for you to post it.

  4. On with the 'crucifixion' - my feet are twitching!