Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite Toys Meme

This meme is just whizzing around the interwebs!

Here's how it works. Find photos of five of your favorite toys from your childhood and write something about them! That's it! Get crack-a-lackin'!

This was an "Odin the Viking" doll action figure made by Marx toys. As you can see, he came with all of those fabulous accessories, although you couldn't take his clothes off. There was also a fellow fuck-buddy Viking named "Erik" who was his bitch blonde and clean shaven, and there were also horses that you could purchase that they could ride on, but, all I ever got was Odin.

I played with him a lot! Although I think that most of the accessories ended up breaking or getting bent out of shape. I saw one on Ebay recently for $150!! Can you imagine?!!

Lincoln Logs! I expect that every kid from my generation had these at one time or another. I used to build all sorts of cabins and bath houses various structures! These kept me busy for many the hour!

Does anyone remember these? They were called "The Outer Space Men" and each of them came from a different planet in the solar system.

I remember that I had the ones from Mars, Venus and Jupiter. I always wanted the Man from Uranus, but that one was always sold out! :(

Captain Action! I loved him! What little gay boy wouldn't?!! Skin tight outfit with "leather boots and a jaunty cap"!

G.I. Joe! The classic 60's toy for little boys! He and Captain Action spent a LOT of time together! ;)

And that's it! Anyone else who would like to participate, please do so!


  1. I feel a little embarrassed. I'm actually wearing that Captain Action outfit right now. Although I left my gun in the car.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Mark: Why am I not surprised?!! ;)

  3. I never have such plastic toys. Perhaps I never had toys in my childhood. I had to create toys for myself from clay, wood, leaf and grass LOL