Friday, August 26, 2011

For Raybeard: He Loves This So!!!

And as an added bonus, here's Cee-Lo Green's version from the soundtrack of Kung Fu Panda!! Enjoy!!


  1. AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! Yuk yuk YUK! Pass me the vomit bucket!
    Purely out of politeness because of the trouble you'd taken (hah!) I've had to endure this prize piece of crap all over again. (Though having not seen the Cee-Lo or the panda film before, the novelty value saw me through that clip, being only SLIGHTLY less painfully.) But do I ever want to hear this exceedingly demented song again in ANY form in my remaining days? I damn well do NOT! NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!!
    I'll refrain from mentioning Mr Jacks' song if you'll not refer to this God-awful bit of junk EVER again, agreed? Now 'scuse me while I go and nurse a splitting headache.

  2. Mark, your comment is noted - and promptly dismissed!