Monday, June 13, 2011

Keep Me in Your Thoughts

I found out that my "blemish" is definitely cancer. Ack. (The doctors thought so, they just wanted confirmation from the labwork.)

So I am scheduled for surgery this morning. And from what they've told me, I could be there for HOURS!

"F" took the day off so he'll be there with me, and be my chauffeur and gopher. ("Sweetie-Dahling, I would simply ADORE a Chai Latte! Please be a lamb and fetch me one!")

 So any prayers or thoughts sent my way will be appreciated. I'll try to log on later today or tomorrow morning to let you know the results. TTFN.


  1. That's really shitty. Sorry about that. Take care of yourself and prayers are coming your!
    Your Friend, Mark
    p.s. Next time, be born darker.

  2. I've only just (re-)found you, Tiger (I was still tuned in to your previous blogspot) - but what a bummer of a state to find you in. My God! I'm now sending you all the positive vibes I can muster and will be biting my nails waiting for your next progress report. If you can, don't let your spirits droop, though you'd have every right to do so. Thinking of you, pal, with more good wishes than you might imagine.

  3. If it's just a basal cell carcinoma, prognosis is very good, but fingers crossed nonetheless.