Saturday, December 31, 2011

Auld Lang Syne....

In every blog that I have had over the years, I have always played this video on New Year's Eve. It is a tradition, and a lovely one at that! Here's wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years! Enjoy!!


  1. Thank you, Tiger - and a no less happy 2012 to you too! Looking forward to continue being entertained by your postings.
    This song has such powerful evocation for me. During the 1980s it was always played at midnight in a certain leather bar in Amsterdam (and many more, I'm sure) where I made a point of being on several New Year's Eves in that decade. Perhaps it's still played even now. But whenever hearing it I only have to close my eyes.....
    Because it's on the 'Super Trouper' album I always play the entire CD on this evening of the year - and have a little cry!
    Thanks for your post here - I hadn't seen this particular 'performance' before.

  2. Happy Happy New Year, from your Main Minion !