Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Dream of Ur-Spo

Seriously, two posts in one day?!

How lucky can you all get?!!!

I just HAD to share this before I forgot!

I had a dream last night about our beloved Ur-Spo!

He had come up to visit me!

All I remember about the dream is that we decided to go to a tag sale, and for some reason I hadn't gotten cleaned up prior to going out, so I was in my sweats, with my hair not done or anything! (Can you imagine?!!!) 

And in my dream I realized this and I was MORTIFIED but there was nothing that I could do!

The tag sale scene abruptly shifted to a shopping district where Ur-Spo and I went into one of those quaint knick-knack type of shops.

Apparently, the Dear Doctor was looking for a stuffed giraffe(?!) from a certain toy line and every store that he had been into prior to this one had every stuffed animal in the line except for the giraffe!

At this point I woke up from the dream so I don't know if we found that damn giraffe or not!!

So, Herr Doktor! What do you make of that dream?!!!


  1. You, and everyone you know, must go into counseling at once.
    Oh the horror.
    And, I only do encores for cash.